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We are uniquely situated to help you when you are injured. My partner and I have over 50 years combined experience in dealing with insurance companies in personal injury cases. In fact we have an inside track to the insurance industry as to how they reserve and defend cases. This is so due to our representation of thousands of clients assigned to us in the personal injury realm as defendants by a multitude of insurance companies over the years. In fact we are proud to say that we presently represent a number of insurance companies and their insureds in cases where their insureds have been sued as defendants for personal injuries.

With this knowledge in tow, we know how to successfully navigate your case through the insurance companies’ red tape. We also know how to get you top dollar for your injuries by retaining the appropriate experts and by preparing your case for trial to leverage your position to receive the best possible outcome. My partner and I are experienced and excellent trial attorneys. We are ready to take your case to trial. We do not back down; and, your case will be as important to us as it is to you.

So if you’ve been injured and are looking for a personal injury firm with an inside track, please contact us. We will be very responsive from the get go and will be helpful throughout the process to do what’s best for you and your family in the most trying of times.

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